1. What cheques will you cash?
We will consider all types of cheques, including personal, government, council, wages and solicitor. Just bring it in or phone if you need to check.

2. When will I get my money?
In most instances you will receive your money within a few minutes. On some occasions the cheques will need to clear, if not on our extensive database.

3. Up to what value of cheque will you cash?
We will consider cheques of any amount with a maximum of £10,000.

4. What rate will I be charged?
There will be a small fee and commission charged to cash your cheque. This rate is subject to various factors relating to the cheque, its value and your identification. Please call your local branch for a quote.

5. What ID do I need to cash a cheque?
We require at least one piece of ID containing your picture, such as, a valid Passport or Driving Licence, and least 2 recent forms of address ID showing your name and current address such as Bank Statement, Utility Bills or letter from a Solicitor. These should be no older than 8 weeks. Also where possible a letter or pay slip that accompanied the cheque.

6. What happens if you cannot cash the cheque instantly?
In cases where we cannot pay out on a cheque instantly, you shall be offered a clearance option. This option requires that the cheque is left with us until it has cleared into our account. At this point it will be paid out. Clearance option attracts a better cashing rate.

7. How long will the clearance option take for me to get my money?
Generally the clearance option takes 6 business days. This however can be affected by bank holidays.

8. Can I cash cheques drawn in a foreign currency?
We are sorry but we no longer offer this service.

9. What other photo ID can you take for cashing a cheque?
We can accept a passport, driving license (full or provisional) and national ID cards(some countries provide). All photo ID must be valid and still in date. We cannot proceed further without this.